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There are some areas of any ministry or organization which seem to be deemed “not necessary” or “of not much importance.” One such area, in some people’s eyes, is the Articles of Incorporation, the Constitution and Bylaws, and an up-to-date Policy Manual. These articles are of utmost importance to the ministry at its inception and even more so in the ensuing years of the ministry.

Due to the current legal environment concerning religious organizations; it is imperative that you have your ministry documents in order and they meet current Federal and State requirements. Leadership Mentoring Ministries can assist you in this area.

We can assist you in preparing and/or amending your Articles of Incorporation and/or Constitution and Bylaws to meet present requirements. These articles state “who” and “what” you are, and will enhance your ability in fulfilling the mission of your ministry.

We can also assist you in establishing a good and accurate Policy Manual for your ministry. The value of an up-to-date policy manual is no doubt one of the most important manuals of your ministry of organization.